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FAA Reauthorization, Pre Check and GBTA Legislative Symposium


AIRR ACT GROUNDED: The House of Representatives has decided to not hold a floor vote on the AIRR Act this week and it is unclear when it may be brought to the floor for a vote.
NEXT STEPS: Senator Thune, chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, hasn’t said what the next steps will be. The Senate could move its own bill, but may also decide to wait and see if the House can pass its version. The deadline for the FAA to be re-authorized is March 31.
WHAT’S HAPPENING: Today, the House will likely consider, GBTA supported, Rep. John Katko's TSA Reform Act ( H.R. 3584) under a fast-track voting method reserved for non-controversial bills, cleared the House Homeland Security Committee in September and the base text of four bills that passed the House last year.
PRE-CHECK: The votes will officially authorize PreCheck and order the agency to expand the traveler-vetting program; implementing recommendations from a government watchdog giving TSA access to real-time data to assess if aviation workers pose any kind of terror threat; and giving the agency the thumbs-up to donate unused screening equipment to foreign airports to better screen overseas travelers coming into the U.S.
ENDING MANAGED INCLUSION: The bill also formalizes a prohibition on the agency conducting high-risk managed inclusion - aka picking random people to go through the PreCheck lane that aren't properly vetted - a practice TSA has already stop, though according to TSA, still giving it to some non-vetted travelers. GBTA is exploring this subject with TSA. And the legislation would order a biometric pilot program that could eventually allow PreCheck travelers to rely on their vetted thumbprint to get them through the security lane. GBTA Webinar on the subject
LEGISLATIVE SYMPOSIUM HOTEL: Registration for the event jumped! As always, we have a small room block at the Capitol Hill Hotel. Please note the deadline to reserve a room in the block is April 8. And the rooms get taken quickly. Registration, the Agenda, event locations, and hotel information can all be found here - PS - for those that notice, I have not meant to have Morgan Cook be the face of the Symposium – it has just happened for like the last 5 years J

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