GBTA Tampa Chapter- Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities

Elected Officers


  • Chief executive officer, principal spokesperson, and overall decision maker for the Tampa chapter
  • Ensure the association follows the GBTA Tampa Chapter by-laws and guidelines of Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)
  • Serve as liaison between the Tampa chapter and GBTA
  • Preside at all Tampa Chapter Member and Board of Directors meetings
  • Attend quarterly GBTA Chapter President Council (CPC) meetings
  • Appoint the Chairpersons of all committees


VP of Allied Affairs Must Be Allied Member

  • Perform the Presidential duties in the absence or inability of the President
  • Chair of the Annual Fundraiser and Fundraiser Committee
  • Responsible for coordinating chance drawing raffle tickets and soliciting donated gifts for all events
  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings


VP of Direct AffairsMust be Direct Member  

  • Perform the Presidential duties in the absence or inability of the President
  • Responsible for recognition/gifts of the Tampa chapter Board, Members, and Speakers/Guests.  Coordinate payment of recognition gifts with Treasurer
  • Solicit applicants for GBTA /Tampa Chapter Professional Development Scholarships and communicate with President to present to GBTA / Tampa Chapter Board where applicable
  • Serve as liaison to industry trade communications to promote chapter
  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings



  • Responsible for monitoring/maintaining the Tampa Chapter's bank account, budgeting, and reporting financials to IRS/GBTA/CPC 
  • Communicate with Program/Location Chair regarding payment amount and method for speakers/guests as well as event locations
  • Partner with Membership Chair upon receipt of payment for membership dues to ensure memberships are current
  • Monitor the chapter website to ensure payment for meetings are current
  • Manage Registration desk at all events with Membership Chair
  • Renew all permits and authorized post office box
  • Prepare annual operating budget and ensure compliance once approved by the Board
  • Comply with all governmental tax regulations and file chapter tax reports as required
  • Present up-to-date financial statements at every Board of Directors meeting
  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings



  • Prepare agenda for each board meeting/educational session and distribute prior to meetings
  • Provide board members with prior notification of board meeting date, time, and place
  • Take board meeting minutes, distribute to the Tampa Chapter Board in a timely manner, and save in website documents once approved by board members
  • Execute all orders, votes, and resolutions not otherwise provided for
  • Act as guardian of the Tampa Chapter's by-laws, policies, and procedures to ensure they are updated as necessary and in compliance with GBTA by-law standards
  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings


Chairman of the Board

  • Immediate Past President
  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings
  • Stand-in when President and/or VP of Allied/Direct Affairs are not available to preside at meetings


Appointed Board Members

Program/Location Chair

  • Find  locations for meetings (6) and evening networking events (2) per year
  • Contact and negotiate meeting costs with hotels/venues and submit contracts to President for approval/signature
  • Gather ideas for program locations/content and share with the Tampa Chapter Board for approval
  • Negotiate fees with Speakers/Guests
  • Correspond with Technology Chair once location & agenda are selected.  Update website and communicate to membership
  • Communicate with Treasurer and President regarding payment for speakers/guests and location
  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings


Technology Chair

  • Responsible for maintaining chapter website and training users
  • Liaison with web hosting company to ensure latest features available
  • Work with Membership to create invites in website for events/meetings
  • Distribute/maintain survey to attendees after each function in a timely manner
  • Manage social media channels (LinkedIn & Facebook) on behalf of the Tampa Chapter 


Membership Chair

  • Responsible for Membership, maintain the Association’s membership list
  • Responsible for Renewals, notifying members for dues/payment status
  • New Members –contact potential members to join chapter, maintain prospect list, and welcome new members at general meetings
  • Gather and Lead Membership Committee
  • Manage Registration desk with Treasurer (alternating with other Directors)
  • Attend and participate in monthly board meetings